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Welcome to Life Cycle of Legal Services - Fundamentals of Business Development (LLS)

In this course, we’ll present the practice maturity life cycle model, which is a model you can use to estimate where your practice is in the life cycle of legal services. We’ll show you how to use this model throughout your career to continuously align your practice with your clients’ evolving needs and expectations. You'll learn about differentiation and several important strategies to set your practice apart from the competition. Most importantly, you'll learn how to craft a Unique Value Proposition for your practice which will help you in both marketing and your business development. You'll learn what clients value, how to be a real asset to their business and how that builds trusted relationships. Next, you'll learn about law firm economics and how to generate the most productivity and profits out of your practice so that you become a strong contributor to the firm's financial health. Lastly, we'll discuss sales, marketing and service strategies and techniques and how to make sure your efforts are being optimized and producing results. All of this will lay the foundation for understanding the general nature of legal services, how clients select outside counsel, and the importance of adopting the client’s perspective when evaluating your own practice.

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